Jupiter Planetary Intention Candle

Jupiter Planetary Intention Candle

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Abundance and expansion!! This intention candle is inspired by the astrological significations of the planet Jupiter. Created to be burned during intention setting, ritual work or as an altar candle; the meaning behind the Jupiter candle is to bring focus and attention to abundance, opportunity, wisdom, faith and justice. This candle is also recommended for those working on greater optimism, enthusiasm, growth, expansion, goal setting , and good fortune.

In astrology, Jupiter is known as the great benefactor, the bringer of gifts, luck and abundance. The biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is all about making things BIGGER. Some other common topics he rules are :

  • higher education

  • wisdom

  • dreams for the future

  • blessings and generosity

  • law and justice

  • theology

  • altruism

Hand poured with 100% pure unscented beeswax, dressed with lapis lazuli, oak bark, cedar, frankincense, offering flowers and 24k gold leaf. These particular herbs, plants and minerals are all sacred to the planet and Roman god Jupiter/Jove as well as other godly equivalents such as Zeus, and Thor.

“Most honored way opener, vision holder and guide. Beneficent joyful one, expansive and wise.”