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Our reading room is open! Gift yourself some self-care and guidance with one of our healers and readers. 


Offering Tarot: 1st + 3rd Thursdays
Offering Reiki: 3rd Wednesdays
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About Big Mouth Tarot's readings: Short but sweet, half hour sessions are a lovely way to get your tarot-feet wet, so to speak. Whether you're moving through a transitional period in your life, feeling out of sorts, or just looking to do a little mental and emotional de-cluttering, tarot is the perfect tool to gain the clarity you're seeking. Because a combination of tarot and oracle cards will be utilized, we'll not only get a bird's eye view of where you've been but also at what needs to be done or amped up to get you where you'd like to go. Important to note, these sessions are not equivalent to fortune telling and I don't identify as a psychic. 

Bio: Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot is a queer tarot reader based in St. Paul. In the five years she's been immersed in tarot, she's completed trainings with the talented Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsay Mack, been a contributor to the Monthly Medicine column for Of the Wolves, and was a featured guest on Lindsay's Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast. Whether reading out of her home or at events across the Twin Cities, Nicole's straightforward yet tender-hearted approach helps cut through the clutter so one can step into their personal power. With the additional sprinkling of pop culture references and personal examples to boot, her readings have been described as accessible, relatable, and fun as well. When not furthering her tarot studies, Nicole can be found practicing reiki, hanging out with her partner and pug, or planning her next home improvement project.  

Offering Tarot
2nd + 4th Thursdays

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About Cassandra's readings:  Cassandra offers psychic and intuitive tarot readings that are meant to empower you to make the best choices you can make for yourself and your life.

Bio: Cassandra Snow (they/them/she/her) is a professional tarot card reader & teacher, writer, and theatre maker in Minneapolis, MN. Cassandra believes tarot is a powerful tool for insight that leads to healing that leads to liberation & empowerment. Their tarot practice centers around empowerment of queer seekers, overcoming personal trauma, practical step by step business or creative plans and spiritual guidance. 

As a writer, tarot is also one of Cassandra's  focuses, and she authored the newly released Queering the Tarot book from Weiser/Red Wheel Publishing. Cassandra's tarot writing has been seen at Little Red Tarot, The Column, Take Your Pills and Northern Lights Witch among others.

Cassandra has been reading tarot for over about 14 years and has "gone pro" for about 9 years. 


Offering Wellness, Herbal, and Birth Consultations + Placenta + Herbal Encapsulation
Mondays + Wednesdays

Kristina Perkins is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Herbalist, Certified Macro Master Coach, and DONA Trained Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulator. Kristina is passionate about supporting those with a uterus along their wellness journey, specializing in those who are either preparing to or have given birth. Kristina aims to provide a full scope of care that will guide clients through a safe, informed journey to wellness, including pregnancy and the transition into parenthood. Kristina loves to empower clients to listen to their intuition and be able to read what their body needs—as well as have the tools, resources, and herbs to treat the many common symptoms they may experience. Kristina practices western herbalism, working with herbs in tincture, tea, salve, and capsule form. Opportunity to pull a tarot card for self reflection during our session, if desired.  



Offering Therapeutic Massage + Polarity Therapy + Gua Sha
Tuesdays + Thursdays + Saturdays

Rachel is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Polarity Therapist, and has been trained in Thai Yoga Bodywork and Gua Sha Therapy. She believes that every individual deserves a compassionate touch, and that this is an integral part to healing oneself’s physical and emotional pain. By using training, intuition, and a blending of energies, Rachel’s goal is to help create a healing and transformative experience for you. Through body and energy work, her passion is to assist people in connecting to the wholeness of their lives.