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Offering Astrology Readings

About Lacey's readings: Astrology readings for artists, witches, activists and moguls. Lacey offers natal birth chart readings, transit readings, and is especially excited about offering readings for those working with magic, artists looking for magical and astrological support, and creating altars and rituals based off of your chart. 

Lacey is interested in how we can work with our charts as another tool towards better communication, manifestation, and understanding how we interact with others. Knowing ourselves better, and having a sense of the astrological weather and circumstances we deal with puts us in a more solid place to take the work outward, to dismantle the patriarchy, white supremacism, and work to decolonize our cities, country, neighborhoods and minds. 

Bio: Lacey is an Aquarius with an Aries moon and Taurus rising. She has been learning astrology for 25 years, and studied astrology with Joel Ockenheim, Jeff Hinshaw of Cosmic Cousins, Heather Roan Robbins, Sandy Sitron, and Tere Starnes. She has completed Lindsay Mack’s Tarot for What Is, Tarot for the Wild Soul, Tarot for Trauma, Jeff Hinshaw’s Brooklyn Fools Journey, and studied with Laetitia Barber, Sarah Gottesdiener and Nancy Antenucci. She was a resident during the Golden Dome School’s Justice residency.

Lacey is an astrologer, photographer, public artist, arts organizer, librarian, auctioneer, and witch. She opened The Future in 2017 as a community space for artists and witches. She lives in Minneapolis on Dakota and Anishinaabe traditional, ancestral, unceded, occupied territories. Her family is from Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia, by way of the Iron Range. She continues to learn about Balkan witchcraft.
Lacey offers astrology readings in person on Saturdays at The Future, or on Skype or phone. Sliding scale appointments are available for BIPOC and artists/activists. Please email to inquire about sliding scale, Skype, and group readings. 

Offering Tarot: 1st + 3rd Thursdays
Offering Reiki: 3rd Wednesdays
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About Big Mouth Tarot's readings: Short but sweet, half hour sessions are a lovely way to get your tarot-feet wet, so to speak. Whether you're moving through a transitional period in your life, feeling out of sorts, or just looking to do a little mental and emotional de-cluttering, tarot is the perfect tool to gain the clarity you're seeking. Because a combination of tarot and oracle cards will be utilized, we'll not only get a bird's eye view of where you've been but also at what needs to be done or amped up to get you where you'd like to go. Important to note, these sessions are not equivalent to fortune telling and I don't identify as a psychic. 

Bio: Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot is a queer tarot reader based in St. Paul. In the five years she's been immersed in tarot, she's completed trainings with the talented Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsay Mack, been a contributor to the Monthly Medicine column for Of the Wolves, and was a featured guest on Lindsay's Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast. Whether reading out of her home or at events across the Twin Cities, Nicole's straightforward yet tender-hearted approach helps cut through the clutter so one can step into their personal power. With the additional sprinkling of pop culture references and personal examples to boot, her readings have been described as accessible, relatable, and fun as well. When not furthering her tarot studies, Nicole can be found practicing reiki, hanging out with her partner and pug, or planning her next home improvement project.  

Offering Tarot
2nd + 4th Thursdays

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About Cassandra's readings:  Cassandra offers psychic and intuitive tarot readings that are meant to empower you to make the best choices you can make for yourself and your life.

Bio: Cassandra Snow (they/them/she/her) is a professional tarot card reader & teacher, writer, and theatre maker in Minneapolis, MN. Cassandra believes tarot is a powerful tool for insight that leads to healing that leads to liberation & empowerment. Their tarot practice centers around empowerment of queer seekers, overcoming personal trauma, practical step by step business or creative plans and spiritual guidance. 

As a writer, tarot is also one of Cassandra's  focuses, and she authored the newly released Queering the Tarot book from Weiser/Red Wheel Publishing. Cassandra's tarot writing has been seen at Little Red Tarot, The Column, Take Your Pills and Northern Lights Witch among others.

Cassandra has been reading tarot for over about 14 years and has "gone pro" for about 9 years. 


Offering Wellness, Herbal, and Birth Consultations + Placenta + Herbal Encapsulation
1st + 2nd Mondays

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Certified Health Coach | DONA Trained Birth Doula + Placenta Encapsulator | Certified Master Macro Coach | Herbalist, Certification in Herbal Studies

Kristina Perkins is passionate about reconditioning how we care for ourselves—through food, plants, and movement. Kristina takes a holistic approach to her work with womxn and integrates all of the above modalities when supporting clients and making recommendations. Kristina is a mama to a wild + brilliant kiddo. Being a parent is incredibly transformative, in both wonderful and insanely difficult ways! And because of the intense schedules of parenthood, Kristina is a big believer in finding manageable changes for better support + creating sustainable habits for those who parent.

Kristina aims to provide womxn with a full scope of care whether it is through their wellness journey, or a safe and informed pregnancy + transition into parenthood. She loves to empower clients to listen to their intuition and be able to read what their body and their baby needs—as well as have the tools, resources, and herbs to treat the many common symptoms they experience.

        Kristina offers 20% off to her clients that are parents that are unpartnered and BIPOC folks. Just mention this when checking out!                           


Offering Therapeutic Massage + Polarity Therapy + Gua Sha
Tuesdays + Thursdays 

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Rachel is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Polarity Therapist, and has been trained in Thai Yoga Bodywork and Gua Sha Therapy. She believes that every individual deserves a compassionate touch, and that this is an integral part to healing oneself’s physical and emotional pain. By using training, intuition, and a blending of energies, Rachel’s goal is to help create a healing and transformative experience for you. Through body and energy work, her passion is to assist people in connecting to the wholeness of their lives. 


Offering Rune, Tarot + Intuitive Readings

Rune Reading: A rune reading uses the spirits of the Norse/Germanic oracle system to help you understand where you’re at now and how to live your best life.

Tarot Reading: A tarot reading with Abbie is blunt yet compassionate. A tarot reading is a great choice if you want help with specific next steps.

Full Intuitive Reading: In an hour long session, Abbie blends tarot, runes, and other knowledge to get you both a broad and a specific vision of what comes next. This may also include personalized witchcraft advice and spiritual guidance. 

Abbie (she/her) is a radical queer witch practicing modern heathenry, reading runes and tarot, and learning herbalism. She uses psychic tools to empower others to step into their purpose and build the life they want. A reading with Abbie is compassionate, deep, and full of magic. She has been running her own witchy business, Northern Lights Witch, since 2016. In 2019 she founded Seethe Witch Press, a micro-press dedicated to recording diverse witchcraft traditions. In September of 2019, Seethe Witch Press published the inaugural issue of the Radical Witchcraft Zine - an annual collaborative zine that highlights magic for revolution. Abbie is the writer of the Heathen's Journey column, an avid reader, and teacher of witchcraft.


The Tooth Witch
Offering Dental Doula services

Leah Kathleen (she/her) is a healer, seer, witch, and dental hygienist. As a self-described “dental doula,” she offers trauma-informed supportive services before, during, and after dental appointments. Her integrative, person-centered dental sessions are perfect for those that may be afraid to go to the dentist, who might have had traumatic dental experiences previously, or have experienced trauma that prevents them from accessing dental care in traditional settings. By using the teeth & surrounding structures as conduits of information, Leah is able to help clients access information about how their history and trauma affects their dental health. She is passionate about dental health equity and believes that everyone deserves dignity and agency with their health. She holds an associate’s degree in dental hygiene, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a master’s degree in legal studies. Follow @thetoothwitch on Instagram to learn more about her work.

Stella Shumaker
Offering Herbal Consults 1st Fridays

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Stella is a Minneapolis based herbalist who as a child found magic in the plants in her yard and as a young adult eagerly sought information about their ability to heal and nourish the body and mind. In 2006 she started to study herbs in a classroom setting and has served family, friends and community with her herbal knowledge since. It is Stella’s intention to empower people to be more informed and take responsibility for their health. She uses a variety of traditional skills including tongue assessment, pulse testing, 6 tissue state model, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and most importantly listening to your story. Her intention is to help you achieve your personal health goal and support your body’s vitality. A number of complaints can be addressed by Herbal Medicine including but not limited to allergies, insomnia, anxiety, issues surrounding women’s health, PMS, menopausal concerns, post partum, musculoskeletal issues, skin issues, digestive upset and more. In addition to herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutrition as well as ways to connect with the natural world directly may be discussed. Stella also likes working with animals. Consultations are sliding scale, if cost is prohibitive please contact through email ( and we can talk about options.


Sonia Even Acupuncture & Wellness
Offering Acupuncture, Herbal Consults + Chinese Medicine
1st + 3rd Fridays

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Sonia (she/her) is an acupuncturist and herbal coach on a mission to help women (includes all femme-identified individuals) address burn-out, realign with their bodies’ rhythms, and uncover solutions for issues they may have been told to “learn to live with.” This includes: PMS, migraines, depression, insomnia, low energy, painful or heavy periods, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, and so much more. She prides herself on her “less-is-more” acupuncture style, using a gentle technique and fewer needles to get results.

As a clinical herbalist and practicing green witch, Sonia has a passion for plants. In addition to the four years of formal training in Chinese Herbalism she received in acupuncture school, she also completed countless hours of self-directed study other herbal traditions. Accessibility, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity permeate all aspects of her herbal practice, and she aims to direct her clients to the best, research-supported herbal products - without asking them to spend a ton of money every month. 


Amethyst Massage + Bodywork
Offering Thai massage + Therapeutic Massage-Swedish/Relaxation Massage

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Hannah Hazel was drawn to bodywork as a way to help others achieve freedom and self awareness in their own bodies. Hannah Hazel is passionate about holistic wellness and supporting the body’s innate wisdom in healing itself and will provide support as clients journey through chronic pain, stress reduction, navigate depression and mental health issues and heal from injury. Hannah Hazel received her degree from The Aveda Institute and has studied Thai Massage and Traditional Western Herbalism. Sessions are tailored to the clients needs and may include a mix of modalities.

​Come and join me on our journey towards being our authentic best selves!