Hey Lady: Vandana Shiva zine

Hey Lady: Vandana Shiva zine

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Issue #8 of Hey Lady features Dr. Vandana Shiva (b. 1952). She is a scientist, environmental activist and author of over 20 books. She is at the forefront of a resistance led by women taking back control over food and farming. Her research has exposed the destructiveness of commercial agriculture and it's correlation to gender and poverty. She has degrees in nuclear physics and quantum theory. Her message can be simplified into the inter-connectedness of everything and out vital role as part of nature, not something separate from it.

She is interviewed in the film, The True Cost, a documentary on the reality of factory fashion. She has made great advancements in science and the ecofeminist movement, and continues to do so from her home in Dehli, India.

Hey Lady is a quarterly publication with each issue featuring a collection of original art portraying one woman. Each issue also comes with a portrait button pin of the featured woman attached to the cover.

Year: 2017
Pages: 34
Dimensions: 3.87 x 4.87 in.
Cover: Softcover with a 2.25" handmade portrait button attached to the front cover