Zodiac Earrings

Zodiac Earrings

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Channel your inner air sign with these zodiac statement earrings.

*Sold as INDIVIDUAL earring (single) instead of as a pair, so you can mix and match to best represent your individual essence.

Aries: Fiery risk-takers that veil their internal chaos with guarded confidence. 

Taurus: Reliable and consistent hard workers that value honesty above all, and will protect those they love fiercely. 

Gemini: Refined and curious, these sensitive intellectuals can switch between logical and emotional modes making them both adaptable and complex.

Cancer: These gentle and devoted nurturers emanate warmth and compassion, and like the cyclic nature of the moon, their emotions too ebb and flow. 

Leo: These loyal and brave protectors meld their charisma and determination to create a strong platform for their fiery passions.

Virgo: Logical and stable perfectionists that seek structure and consistency in order to protect their gentle and humble nature from chaotic unknowns.  

Libra: These harmonious and charming peacemakers value balance both internally and externally. 

Scorpio:  Often misunderstood, these mysterious truthseekers are extremely intense and complex while being both compassionate and intuitive. 

Sagittarius: These enthusiastic extroverts love a challenge, value honesty, and will protect their freedom fiercely.

Capricorn: These stoic and responsible individuals have a deep understanding of the world and while they have built walls to protect them, they deeply love those who can breakthrough.

Aquarius Eccentric individualist that may appear aloof, but behind their closed doors exists a creative and deeply introspective universe. 

Pisces These sensitive dreamers seek to balance their whimsical wonder with their logical practicality, making them in this world, but not always of it. 

Each earring measures 2.5" in length. In phantom lucite.