Virgo Smudge Spray

Virgo Smudge Spray

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Virgo: August 23-September 22

Use this spray to enhance the aspects of Virgo or attract its qualities--perfection, meticulousness, eloquence, analytical, and to up your powers while working.

Contains essential oils of Oak Moss Bouquet, Patchouli and Cypress in distilled water. Made when both the sun and moon were in Virgo.

Oak Moss is grounding, aids psychic and spiritual journeys, instrumental in contacting other realms, and supports divination and clairvoyance. It's associated with the emotions and finding one's purpose.

Patchouli is grounding and enlightening. It aids in transcending boundaries. It's associated with spirituality. It's especially supportive for clairvoyance and divination. It increases lust. Known for engendering happiness, it dispels negativity. It can help manifest your wishes and bring success. It's associated with justice, luck, passion and purpose.

Cypress is great for centering and grounding energy, and helps when seeking truth, peace and knowledge. It helps to develop awareness, focus and clarity in divination. It’s associated with balance, changes, happiness, release and transformation.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis.