TV Rock

TV Rock

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"Ulexite, also known as TV Stone, is best known for its ability to magnify anything placed under it. It is an extremely clear stone and brings things into focus on the inner and spiritual levels, lending much-needed objectivity and clarity. It is excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams and visions. It shows the path one should take at a spiritual level and takes you deep into the self.

Ulexite takes you to the core of a problem, pointing the way to resolution and activating solutions. Ulexite is a stone of revelation in the physical world. It gives you the ability to see into another's heart, knowing what they are thinking and feeling, so that decisions can be based on a complete knowing.

Ulexite's soft energy is beneficial for meditation and relaxation. Placed on the third eye, it enhances visualization and dispels negative mental energy.

It excites the imagination and stimulates creativity, especially in business. If you are getting things out of proportion, Ulexite helps you to see them clearly."

-Judy Hall's Crystal Bible

Price is per stone. Made by the earth, so each piece is different.