Trickster Teachers Spirit Medicine

Trickster Teachers Spirit Medicine

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Isolation amplifies suffering. When we feel separate, other, and disconnected, we lose our ability to heal, grow, and thrive. Amaranth guides us to plug back into the cosmic matrix, which is exponentially bigger than the sum of its parts. While we might still be dealing with our own particular suffering, amaranth helps us acknowledge our pain as a point of connection to others feeling the same, making our hearts grow real big.

So what is a Spirit Medicine? Like a flower essence, a Spirit Medicine is a plant's personality, the energy that is part of a plant's nature. We get clues about a plant's Spirit from the way they grow, as well as from their medicinal properties—similar to the way you can sometimes tell a lot about someone by what career path they choose. Yet sometimes, there are those librarians by day and dominatrix by night Plant Spirits.
RITUAL To work with these Trickster Teachers, drop a few drops on your palm, rub between your hands and hold up to your face. Breathe in. Trickster Teachers have no scent and no flavor. We invite you to inhale their essence.
Isolation amplifies suffering. when we feel separate, other, disconnected; we lose our ability to heal, grow and thrive. Amaranth guides us to plug back in to the cosmic matrix which is exponentially bigger than the sum of its parts. while we might still be dealing with our particular suffering, Amaranth helps us feel our pain as a point of connection to others feeling the same feels which makes our hearts grow real big. 
Got buckets of great ideas? They still chillin in those buckets, ready to go nowhere at the procrastination station? Blackberry supports thoughts unfolding into actions with traction. Your inspiration wants to be born into reality; blackberry is your midwife. 
Get your kicks by doing, doing doing? Hard to stop, right? Gets exhausting. when our worth is caught up in how many things we can check off our list, we forget to come home to our basic goodness. We forget to check in with the natural limits of our body, to get satisfaction in the simple pleasures of taking care of ourselves. Dandelion helps a soul do more with less. dandelion helps us reframe our limitations, balancing doing with simply being. 

Think sleeping and eating at regular intervals is what boring people do? Morning glory brings it all back to the rhythm- the circadian rhythm of life, that is. Morning glory reminds the consciousness that wants to transcend the needs of this plane that the body is its inseparable source of energy, its home and its greatest teacher. Morning glory helps one find all the magic and mystery of the universe in a bowl of cereal. 
Known far and wide for your prickliness? Repelling folks with your toughness, because you’re afraid of your own softness? That rigid exterior gets to be a heavy armor. Poison oak gets you. Poison oak allows us to open to the parts of the self we are protecting. let poison oak be your guide in reframing perceived weakness into vulnerability- in which the most profound strength arises.
SHELF LIFE Lasts 1 year. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made-to-order products. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.
Ingredients:  Local spring water, Spirit medicine of given plant, (Plant and High proof spirits*)

^Ethically & Safely Wildcrafted

1 fl oz