The World Tarot Postcard

The World Tarot Postcard

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This is a hand drawn transparencies, hand pulled 4 color silkscreened postcard. It is printed on Neenah’s Stardream cardstock.

The world is about harmony. When everything comes together. Past lessons have finally sinked in and allow current movements into the future to happen with ease and no tension.

Like the Wheel of Fortune, the traditional card shows four figures in the corners that represent the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Each element is placed separately from the other in the form of zodiac signs. In each corner of my deck there representations of the four elements together. In the top left corner there is the alchemical symbol for earth. In the top right, there is the alchemical symbol for water. In the bottom left, there is the alchemical symbol for fire. In the bottom right corner, there is the alchemical symbol for air. The four elements are present together because I feel that the world is about the harmony created by a lesson that one can only receive when all the elements come together. You must learn that lesson from the opportunity presented to you in order to receive your paced. If you can not learn that lesson, you can not achieve harmony.

I used the bobcat as the central figure of the image instead of the human figure. The bobcat is not endangered in Florida. However, I feel they are one of the smartest creatures in Florida as they are really hard to spot in the wild. I saw my first wild Florida bobcat in the St Mark’s marsh while visiting friends in Tallahassee on September of 2022. I placed the bobcat looking at you to show that it is in forward motion.

In the Waite-Rider deck, Laurels are in a wreath formation which surround the figure. In this deck, Florida laurels frame the bobcat. Laurel wreaths are a symbol for success and victory. Intertwined in the Florida laurels are two liatris asperas that are supposed to be symbols of the two wands seen in the original deck. I chose liatris as the flowers remind of little explosions of magic. Liatris asperas are the color purple which is also the same color as the cloth that wraps around the figure in the Waite-Rider tarot deck. The color purple is also a symbol of strength, transformation, power and royalty.