The Transparent Tarot

The Transparent Tarot

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Explore the transparency of your life in this 2nd edition of The Transparent Tarot, the celebrated and award-winning Tarot divination system. This highly innovative deck consists of simple yet striking images displayed on clear plastic, which are designed to be read in layers.

With a new chapter detailing how to use this deck in combination with other decks—Tarot or oracle—enhance your interpretations to unlock intuition and help discover hidden depths as you read. The book offers new keyword charts with quick definitions to assist with reading right out of the box, as well as in-depth meanings for clearer associations. Find original spreads and suggestions for methods that have never before been possible.

This deck offers a fun, original, and insightful tool for divination, meditation, brainstorming, magic, and more for beginners and advanced readers alike.

78 transparent cards + 304 page guidebook