The Devil Tarot

The Devil Tarot

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This is a hand drawn transparencies, hand pulled 3 color silkscreened postcard. It is printed on Neenah’s Stardream cardstock.

In the original Tarot deck, the Devil is supposed to distract the fool with materialism and complacency. In diving deeper into the Devil’s meaning, it seems that the Devil can mean a variety of different things. From ravage to violence (according to A.E. Waite), or disruptive and ungovernable, to reclamation of desires, or struggling to get out of the dark.

I really like the description “The Devil can be interpreted as warning us about getting trapped by the forms our desires can take. This can mean any harmful pattern that we need to unlearn, liberate, and heal ourselves from. This could be addiction, an abusive relationship, or internalized oppressions that we can’t seem to shake. “ by Slow Holler. While drawing this card, I was going through my own process of acknowledging abusive relationships that I have with others and with myself. As well as being lost in the darkness of grief and self pity.

I chose the to use the desert big horn sheep and the long nosed bats as symbols for the devil to keep the imagery somewhat similar to the original card. The original card features Baphomet, a demonic figure with horns and bat wings. The big horn sheep symbolizes Baphomet and the bats are meant to be the two figure that are trapped at the bottom of the card.

Morning Glory Flowers have a wide of variety of significance through out the world. They can mean passionate love, medical uses, tactile uses, mourning, unrequited love, unattainable love, and destroyers. In this card they are meant to symbolize being stuck in mourning or grief as the vine part of the plant intertwines around the bats keeping them stuck in the grief and together.

I wanted to convey these feelings of despair and darkness in the devil card. I felt the best way to convey it was to place the desert big horn sheep in a three piece formation similar to that of Hecate and her three forms. Hecate is know for being the goddess of the associated with the dark moon, witchcraft, magic, creatures of the night, graves and ghosts. She is not necessarily evil but she isn’t an angel either. She is both. I think that as dark as the Devil card can be, it can also be a reminder to move towards the lightness and taking the path to light.