Tea Tokes Herbal Cigarettes

Tea Tokes Herbal Cigarettes

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Embrace the ancient practice of smoking plants for both ceremonial rituals and recreational enjoyment. Herbal Cigarettes offer a delightful alternative to traditional cigarettes and vapes, creating a world where each plant brings its own spirit, flavor, and charm while supporting your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Solar: Coltsfoot, mullein, lemon balm, calendula, chrysanthemum, tulsi, gotu kola, and oat straw. Read Deeper 

Lunar: Red clover blossom leaf, blue cornflower, hops, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, and marshmallow

Inner-work: Herbal Cigarettes : Mullein, lavender, skullcap, damiana & lobelia.

Dream-worker: Mullein, sage, spearmint, mugwort, chamomile, blue lotus and licorice root. 

Venus:  Mullien, rose, damiana, lemon balm, tulsi 

Slumber: Mullein, lemon balm, skullcap, lavender, passion flower, hops, and chamomile.

10 Herbal Cigarettes per box. Biodegradable Rolling Papers, & Crutch. Non bleached.