Tarot Emblemata

Tarot Emblemata

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TAROT EMBLEMATA is an 88-card deck of 78 Tarot cards & 10 Oracles featuring illustrious Renaissance Emblems from 16th century France and their enigmatic mottos aligned with the Major and Minor Arcana cards of traditional Tarot archetypes. TAROT EMBLEMATA represents the evolution of Emblem designs through history and their enchanting, transcendent, and universal power taking new form.

These 88 cards have been reproduced by curating Claude Paradin originals and digitally "cleaning-up" the artwork, optimizing them for their contrast, line quality, sharpness, and saturation in Photoshop. From there the Emblems were formatted to fit the cards, and “inverted” to be printed on a dark-Sienna background with gold metallic ink, (not gold foil.) 

The Tarot format is an excellent way to access the wisdom and revelations of Emblemata through the process of divination: their visual language is a fusion of the arts of illustration and writing in a dynamic interplay between ancient and iconic images alongside their allegorical and oracular meanings. This didactic genre of interpretive art & text aligned dynamically with Tarot Arcana. Given that Tarocchi had its birth in the early Renaissance, the synergy between Emblem illustration and the Major and Minor Arcana makes perfect sense.

TAROT EMBLEMATA is accessible for Tarot beginners, and those familiar with the Rider-Waite-Smith system, while at the same time refreshing for more experienced readers who are looking for a new and alternative take on the cards.

Deck Specifications:

78 Tarot Cards: 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards

  • an additional 10 Oracle Cards

  • Gold Metallic Ink on a dark-brown and speckled background (not black)

  • Dimensions: 69.85 mm x 120.65 mm (2.75 in x 4.75 in)

  • Printed on heavy, casino-quality Playing Card stock

  • Keywords Mini Booklet (fits in Tuck Box)

  • Beautiful Tuck Box printed on matte premium cardstock

  • Embossing and Gold Foil designs on Tuck Box

  • Designer “First Edition” Tuck Box Stamp Seal

The charm of these Emblems is that they become “activated” by the user’s intention. They can be decoded of clues and secrets to reveal their meaning and magic. They are intended to coax the reader into a contemplative state of associations, acting as prompts & catalysts. Drawing a card or interpreting a spread encourages personal transformation allowing the reader to tap into the magical archetypes and the universal mysteries that Renaissance iconography and symbolism inspire, connecting you to the guidance of spirit via the wisdom of the ancients and the seen and unseen worlds. Reassembling Emblems adds layer upon layer, creating new meanings through myriad possibilities. By tapping into the field of subtle energies surrounding these mystical, metaphysical, and occult illustrations, relevant divinatory results and inspiring new perspectives follow, catalyzing self-knowledge and helping you expand on your path of embodiment, spiritual gnosis, inspired destiny, and empowerment.

The French historian, genealogist, and writer Claude Paradin was a collector of “Emblems.” The stunning illustrations you see on the 88 cards of TAROT EMBLEMATA were curated from Paradin’s Emblem Book called “Devises Heroïques” first published in 1551 in Lyons, France, printed by Jean de Tournes, with woodcut illustrations attributed to Bernard Salomon.