Sugar Rose Scrub

Sugar Rose Scrub

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Our handcrafted Sugar Rose Scrub is made of high vibe natural ingredients like cane sugar, argan oil, rose petals and essential oils. Use this product to scrub away dead skin and bad vibes.


  • Cane sugar: natural and gentle abrasive to exfoliate dead skin
  • Argan Oil: supports a moisturized and supple complexion
  • Jojoba Oil: mimics skin's sebum to promote and seal moisture 
  • Rose petals: soothes irritated skin
  • Jasmine: soothes dry skin and relieves stress
  • Lavender: stimulates skin and promotes relaxation

Affirmations we recommend while using product:

  • I release the stress of the world today.
  • I allow myself to feel refreshed and renewed.
  • I am free from bad vibes and negativity.