Scorpio Smudge Spray

Scorpio Smudge Spray

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Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Use this spray to enhance the aspects of Scorpio or attract its qualities--ambition, bravery, faithfulness, intuition. Also a good spray to use to pursue sexxx, or to work with spirituality or the occult.

Contains essential oils of Pine, Cardamom, Black Pepper in distilled water. Made when both the sun and moon were in Scorpio.

Pine is well known for purification, which works for releasing negative energy. It is also well known for its association with cycles, beginnings, fertility and renewal. It's associated with friendship, desires, longevity, truth and well-being.

Cardamom aids in concentration, creativity and divination. It's an aphrodisiac and increases love and strengthens partnerships. It boosts confidence and courage. It's associated with beginnings and cycles.

Black pepper is energizing and stimulates the mind, bringing inner strength and focus. It's associated with healing and lust.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis.