Sagittarius Mist

Sagittarius Mist

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Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

Use this spray to enhance the aspects of Sagittarius or attract its qualities--intellectual, philosophical, adventurous, straight-forward, confident, generous. This mist will help you in your travels, especially if you're going a long distance.

Essential oils of Birch, Rosemary, and Clove and Juniper + Essence of Sapphire + Peridot in Buhl water.

Birch clears negativity and is helpful for attracting abundance. It helps us to learn from the past when making a fresh start. It's great for divination, love spells and to open the mind and expand awareness to receive inspiration, blessings and wisdom. It's associated with creativity, intuition, and spirits.

Rosemary is associated with remembering the dead. It improves memory, helps remember dreams, and has cleansing properties. It reduces the intensity of strong emotions and is helpful in balancing relationships. It enhances awareness and increases magic and psychic powers. It provides focus and clarity for all forms of communication and is an inspiration for creative pursuits. It's associated with luck, friendship, lust, marriage and wisdom. Since ancient times, rosemary was used in religious ceremonies, magic spells and as a medicinal herb.

Clove is great at banishing negative energy. It increases creativity and spiritual vibrations. It's associated with beginnings, courage, determination, fertility, inspiration, lust and wealth. It can help bring beauty, comfort, happiness and longevity into your life.

Juniper is instrumental in overcoming problems and releasing toxic emotions. It enhances divination and dreamwork and helps increase psychic abilities. It's effective for manifesting abundance, love, prosperity and success. It aids in gaining knowledge, growth, and transformation. 

Sapphire gem essence is a thought-amplifier. It acts on the intellect, bringing inspiration and clarity to your thinking. It motivates and assists you in your search for spiritual enlightenment and helps focus your responsibility and concentrate your purpose in life. It helps you get in touch with the work you were born to do and brings you clarity for direction in your life's purpose. It increases your awareness and helps you to align spiritual responsibilities with your actual physical capabilities. 

Peridot is a powerful cleanser. It releases "old baggage". It releases negative patterns and old vibrations so that a new frequency can be accessed. It helps you understand your destiny and spiritual purpose and is particularly helpful to healers. 

Buhl water is the finest water on the Iron Range, which is in northern Minnesota, on unceded Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) land. It comes from a glacial aquifer located 700 feet deep, encased in 300 feet of solid granite. It is bacteriologically free (the water isn't treated) and contains no chlorination. It has never been contaminated by any of the 42 human-made elements, such as insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.