Sad Sap candle

Sad Sap candle

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Smattering of LavenderJuniper, and Sandalwood.

Aromatic candle poured with 100% essential oils in natural soy and coconut wax blend. Cotton wick in an amber glass jar sealed with a metal turn cap.

Hand-poured in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

8 oz — 3.75 in. H, 2.90 in. diameter
40 hour burn time
4 oz — 2.75 in. H, 2.35 in. diameter
 20 hour burn time


Sad Sap is a full-hearted candle that welcomes all with open arms. Adding a spoonful of honey to a warm mug of tea, settling in on the coziest surface in the place. Glancing out the window for a moment of pondering. Admiring nature.