Pisces Kit

Pisces Kit

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Pisces: February 19-March 20

What’s in the kit:
1 oz Pisces Mist
✩1/2 oz 
Pisces Essence
Ames Farm beeswax votive
Incense matches

How to use it all:
You can use the mist and essence whenever you need to align with your sign, or are feeling you need some balance. A few ways to use this kit: Print out your chart, and place the candle in the middle, and the crystals on your Sun + Moon, charge your crystals on your altar when the Sun or Moon are in your sign and carry them with you, or if you pay attention to the planetary transits affecting your chart, you can use this kit on astrologically significant days in spellwork or intention setting. Or any other way that’s calling to you!

Pisces Mist: Use this mist to enhance the aspects of Pisces or attract its qualities--psychic, intuitive, loyal, selfless, compassionate, kind, imaginative. Up the Pisces power!

Contains: Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lavandin and Palmarosa + Essence of Centaury + Fluorite in Buhl water.

Ylang Ylang promotes positive energy, is ideal for divination and is associated with balance, healing, the home, and determination.

Sandalwood is well known for supporting personal growth, providing spiritual inspiration, and manifesting peace. Its healing energy brings renewal, stability, strength and well-being. It is associated with balance, luck, and power.

Jasmine has been connected with beauty, love, lust and sex for centuries. It enhances divination. It aids in releasing emotions and thoughts that inhibit personal development and gives a boost to self-confidence. It's associated with happiness, justice and relationships. It stimulates intuition, and is associated with fertility, friendship, and dealing with problems.

Lavandin enhances awareness and intuition, fosters concentration for clarity and inspiration in divination, contact with spirits, and communication in general. Lavender is associated with beauty and love and promotes balance and peace in all types of relationships. It provides strength and inspiration. Lavender is associated with courage, creativity, fertility, longevity and secrets.

Palmarosa's stimulating properties help to clear the mind and enhance the ability to focus for decision-making. Encouraging personal growth, it aids in finding ones' purpose as well as overcoming problems. It is helpful for grounding and centering energy. It's associated with relationships, peace and spirituality.

Centaury essence increases individuality and willpower, allowing you to put how much you do for others and give to others in context with your own needs. It reinforces your relationship between willpower and self-determination, so your desire to serve is never to your detriment. It instils wisdom, so awareness of your own individuality and convictions is strong. This essence helps you not lose sight of your own mission in life by creating a better balance between others and your own needs. It gives you the power to be your own person and to follow your own inner mission, while still giving service to others in a balanced manner. It encourages your powers of discrimination, allowing you to say no to others when necessary.

Fluorite is highly protective, especially on a psychic level. It helps to discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shuts off psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. It grounds and integrates spiritual energies, promotes unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive powers. It's associated with progress and dissolves fixed patterns of behavior and opens the door to the subconscious. 

Buhl water is the finest water on the Iron Range, which is in northern Minnesota, on unceded Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) land. It comes from a glacial aquifer located 700 feet deep, encased in 300 feet of solid granite. It is bacteriologically free (the water isn't treated) and contains no chlorination. It has never been contaminated by any of the 42 human-made elements, such as insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. 

Pisces Essence: An essence that captures and supports Pisces vibes. Take this essence when you want to balance and support the qualities of Pisces--psychic, intuitive, loyal, selfless, compassionate, kind, imaginative.

To use: Take 3-8 drops up to 3x a day or as needed. Can be used on your body, bath, on a candle or pillow when the moon or sun is in this sign, or whenever you want to balance out this sign’s energy.

Contains: Essences of Cattail Pollen, Coconut, Icelandic Poppy, Lavender, Centuary, Aspen and Aquamarine in Buhl water, slivovitz and brandy with MN honey.

Cattail pollen essence instills resilience so that you are not weakened by difficulties in life or by shocks or upsets that you may have experienced. It is revitalizing and stabilizing, enabling you to stand tall and to be empowered. It can make it easier by helping us to strongly project our true selves out into the world so we can attract people that resonate with us at that level.

Coconut essence helps cope with a lack of endurance and enables you to deal with concerns without avoiding them. It imparts a realistic energy that helps you to face up to issues or difficulties with realism and the determination to complete tasks with commitment.  

Icelandic poppy essence enables you to shine as your divine self. It can be used to re-establish a link to your higher guidance if the challenges of life have left you feeling out of touch with spiritual wisdom or awareness. 

Lavender essence is effective if you are highly absorbent of spiritual influences and the toll this takes on you overwhelms you physically and emotionally. It restores emotional balance and helps you moderate your sensitivity to psychic energy and the strain this puts on you psychically. It is soothing, calming and balancing.

Centuary essence fosters wisdom, so awareness of your own individuality and convictions is strong and firm. Creating a better balance between others' needs and your own, it enables you not to lose sight of your own mission in life. It gives you the power to be your own person and to follow your own inner mission, while still giving service to others in a balanced manner. It encourages your powers of discrimination, allowing you to say no when necessary.

Aspen essence dispels feelings of nervousness and unease, enabling you to feel safe and secure enough to approach life without fear. It brings a sense of security and enables you to trust that you are safe and protected.

Aquamarine gem essence helps to calm Piscean nerves, balance emotions and reduce fears and worries. It's helpful if you feel a sense of disorientation or not being present. It creates a serene, centered and ordered state of mind.

Slivovitz: A pure, natural brandy made by special fermentation and distillation of the finest ripe blue plums grown in Croatia. 

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. It raises energy to the highest possible level. Containing every color possible, it works on all levels of being. It enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has the power to invoke tolerance of others. It overcomes judgmentalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking responsibility for oneself. It can break old, self-defeating programs. It calms the mind, removing extraneous thought, and shapes intuition and opens clairvoyance. 

Votive candle: This natural beeswax candle burns brighter and cleaner than soy or paraffin. Beeswax emits negative ions when burned and these bond with positively charged ions of dirt, soot, and other airborne particulates—the effect is to act as a natural air cleaner. This beeswax candle will burn toxin free for 18 hours and fits most standard votive holders. This candle is intended for use only in a votive holder and is not to be burned as a free standing candle. Made in Watertown, MN.