Papier D'Armenie

Papier D'Armenie "La Rose" Incense Paper

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Savor the exquisite fragrance of these traditionally made armenian papers, which release a pleasing fragrance when lit in the home. French-armenian perfumer and creator of la rose incense papers, francis kurkdjian was keen to pursue his journey eastward. The natural choice was a rose fragrance and this scent blends roses from iran and turkey to create a rich juxtaposition of fragrances driven by a voluptuous, fruity rose, like rose petal jam with notes of honey.
Papier d'arménie incense paper was created more than 120 years ago and is a respected and much-treasured part of parisian life. These are famous fragranced paper booklets that have been hand soaked in a process that takes more than 6 months.
Each booklet contains 36 detachable strips of perfumed paper.