Mullein Candle / Hag Torch

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Our Mullein Candles / Hag Torches are made the folk way, utilizing dried mullein stems and tops dipped in organic and local beeswax repeatedly, then covered in seasonal herbs. Beautiful as indoor décor until you're ready to have a fire or ceremony.

We recommend burning outside in a firepit, in a fireplace, and being careful to not burn on dry/windy days. Please enjoy and be safe!

These torches vary from batch to batch based on what herbs are available at the time, and exact measurements are as unique as the plant they are made from. These are made with foraged and organic beeswax, mullein, seasonal herbs such as rose petals, lavender, cedar, pearly everlasting, and can be customized to your preference.

All of our products are made in small batches, by hand, in Michigan. Foraged plants are utilized when they are in season or available. Because of the organic nature of these ingredients, please store in a dry environment at room temperature for the best quality.