Magic Flowers

Magic Flowers

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A blend of plant folklore and experimental memoir, Magic Flowers follows a magical young mother as she dares to love herself in a culture that uses shame to keep people quiet and unplugged from their own personal power.

Amongst heartbreak and tragedy, she finds support in plant allies, animal guides, ancestors and kindred spirits seeking out authentic truths amongst the bullshit banalities of the patriarchy. But after suffering relentless losses that keep coming one after the next, she gets lost in the dark corners of grief and wonders if her magic is gone forever.

Set in the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and packed with powerful rituals you can put to use in your own life, Magic Flowers is a prayer to the human heart that asks us to dare to love a thousand times—especially when we don’t know if we’ll ever bring some of our deepest desires to fruition.

Beautifully designed in full color, you’ll find:
• 10 powerful, accessible rituals to bring more magic and power into your life
• 21 gorgeous plant illustrations with poetry and stories that reflect each plant’s personality
• 14 botanical Cyanotypes
• 3 beautiful charcoal illustrations by Ryan Newson

Magic Flowers has a soundtrack playlist on Spotify—take a listen!