Living the Signs: Aries, The Warrior

Living the Signs: Aries, The Warrior

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Aries: The Warrior in You is a workbook in a series of workbooks on each sign. The title of the series is Living the Signs: Astrology for Radiant Embodiment

Astrology is a language that helps us talk to ourselves more lovingly, compassionately, and thus effectively. The language of astrology encourages us to awaken and remember what is wondrous, glorious, funny, poignant, and heroic about our human experience. When we Live the Signs we shake life into all the facets of who we are here to be. We come home to who we are on a spirit level. 

At over 120 pages, with a good third reserved for your own goal-setting and self-inquiry, this Aries workbook will be your handbook for awakening the part of you that is Aries: The Warrior, The Swashbuckling Hero, The Salsa Dancer, The Pioneering Leader, and The Go-Getter.

The foundation of the framework for Living the Signs has to do with waking up the part of self that is each sign in order to know ourselves more fully, more radiantly, and more creatively. Thus, this is created for everyone, not just for those who call Aries their sun sign.

The vision for Living the Signs (designed by Angela George of By George Partners in Dallas) is that each workbook be both gorgeous and friendly, sumptuous and portable, stunning and user-friendly. This is a book to behold as well as to use. This is a book to change your life because you make it yours through your lived experience.