Lilith Candle

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A candle fragrance inspired by the Dark Goddess Lilith.

A seductive, powerful and feminine blend of dragons blood, vanilla, patchouli, oak, jasmine, gardenia, heliotrope, and tuberose . Lilith is spicy, floral and a little sweet.

Available in 8 oz black glass tumbler with custom watercolor rose label.

Approximate burn times 20 hrs

The idea for the Lilith candle came to me over the course of this year (2019) particularly the Spring and Summer. So much that has been collectively going on, and things I hear in the news headlines stirred something in me and made me wonder as to what force I would relate these feelings to. The rights of human beings being threatened over and over again and throughout time. The threats against those with wombs that keeps rearing its ugly head. Migrant families and children ripped apart, helpless and in exile from homelands that are unsafe and deadly.

Who better to understand these difficulties than the goddess LILITH. And who better to empower us than the goddess LILITH.

Lilith represents freedom, a rejection of tyranny, empowerment over your own body, sexual equality, sacred sexuality, independence, courage, willpower, the courage to stand up for yourself and your autonomy. Willing to go into exile in order to remain sovereign in yourself.

Lilith shows us how to live our truth and reject all that is not.

Historically, according to Demetra George’s book “Mysteries if the Dark Moon”, before Lilith became the exiled demoness that caused all kinds of evil, the earliest records of Lilith date back to ancient Sumeria. There, she was originally the handmaiden to the goddess Innana ( if you’ve never heard of Innana, she’s like Venus), and she would help to gather men for sacred sexual healing rites at her temple.

Over time, with the coming of the patriarchy, the goddesses were stripped of their power and sacred sexuality. Lilith’s story twisted and changed from handmaiden of the goddess to that of demoness, demon mother/wife, seductress, cause of child deaths and a whole lot of other terrible “evil” things.

Repeatedly she became the raging exiled woman, a cast away, the woman that refused to submit and demonized for her sexuality. With this candle I hope to reawaken the beauty and healing power that comes from the dark mother goddess Lilith. To add to the conversation of positive sacred sexuality and feminine empowerment for all types of people. If you’ve ever experienced sexual shame or repression, had your anger misunderstood, felt powerless, been at war with yourself or others then you can turn to the archetype and goddess Lilith to seek balance and truth.