Let's Talk About Your Uterus: An Introduction to Fertility Awareness

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learn about the different phases of the menstrual cycle, how estrogen and progesterone create different fertility signals you can track, differences in phenotypically female & phenotypically male fertility, and how you can track your cycle for hormone-free birth control.

“a great, all-encompassing gateway into learning about fertility awareness and body sovereignty for people with a uterus. the zine covers a wide range of topics that get the reader thinking about how consent, anatomy, and birth control are interrelated and worth exploring. the information is perfect for a young person or even a true adult to learn (or re-learn, or only just discover) about their bodies and how one can work in relationship with hormonal cycles to better understand and track fertility. the zine is literally overflowing with resources and it evokes excitement and empowerment around lots of information that has been left out of the narrative for too long.”