How to Make Your Very Own Menstrual Pads zine

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interested in making your own cloth pads?!  here's a pattern for you!  step by step instructions + stencil.  this is the pattern i've used to make (and sell!) my own pads.  these are best for medium to light flow days.  a sewing machine is helpful but not necessary!

for someone who doesn’t sew, “how to make your very own menstrual pads” has me excited (and confident?!) to start! this zine offers clear, simple instructions on making cloth pads, starting with buying and gathering supplies, and taking us all the way to step #12: “bleed on that pad!” ashley shares her own experience with cloth pads and learning to value and integrate her bleed as an important part of her life and identity. this adorable, friendly resource has me excited for my next bleed and ready to get some friends together for a cloth pad making party!