Hawk's Eye Tiger Eye pieces

Hawk's Eye Tiger Eye pieces

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"Hawk's Eye is an excellent stone for healing the earth's energy and for grounding energy. It stimulates and invigorates the physical body. Soaring above the world, Hawk's Eye aids vision and insight, and increases psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. 

Placed in the wealth corner of a room, Hawk's Eye attracts abundance.

Hawk's Eye is particularly good for dissolving restrictive and negative thought patterns and ingrained behavior. It brings issues into perspective, ameliorates pessimism and the desire to blame others for problems of your own making. This stone will also bring to the surface locked-in emotions and dis-ease from the present or past lives. It aids in traveling back to the source of an emotional blockage, whenever that might be."

-Judy Hall's Crystal Bible

Price is per stone. Made by the earth, so each piece is different.

Zodiac Sign: Leo + Capricorn

Planet: Sun