cosmic cousins: astro oracle

cosmic cousins: astro oracle

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The Cosmic Cousins: Astro Oracle has been created out of the desire to communicate astrological concepts in a magical, futuristic, mind-expanding and user-friendly way

The intention for this set of cards is to compile my astrology teachings and practices into a succinct deck of cards. They are designed specifically to help activate and awaken a deeper connection to your astrology practice through an esoteric, soul-centered, somatic, queer, body positive, all-inclusive and non-binary lens.

This oracle deck includes 78-cards total (like a traditional tarot deck) plus 3 bonus cards.  However, the cards within are not traditional:

  • 20 Planets & Asteroids

  • 12 Esoteric Phrases (one for each sign)

  • 12 Queens (one for each sign)

  • 12 Cosmic (one for each sign)

  • 12 Houses

  • 3 Modalities

  • 3 Relational Awareness

  • 4 Elements

  • 3 Bonus cards

*In addition to the oracle deck, you will also receive a virtual guide book with audio and video recordings (with captions) of Jeff Hinshaw offering an introduction to the Cosmic Cousins: Astro Oracle deck, along with interpretations and teachings for each card.

Even though this is not a traditional tarot deck, you may enjoy working with this oracle in a similar way, using spreads for deeper self-reflection and insight. This is a powerful option, and I am excited to learn how we collectively experience the readings from this unique oracle. Its’ personality will reveal itself over time. 

What also excites me about this deck is the potential the cards hold to be used as a tool to visualize and meditate on your birth chart + the current astrological transits. These cards are also intended to be used as visual for astrological ritual, altar building, teaching, creativity and even spell work. The possibilities are as vast as the Universe, and so are you! 


This is a rare, self-published oracle deck.  Only 123 copies of this deck will be printed during its’ first edition. Because of this, the pricing has been set as a reflection of the limited nature of this creation.