Color Flame candles

Color Flame candles

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Color flame candles! The flames are different colors. Very dramatique in a darkened room.

Tapers contain two 10" color flame candles. Available in green or red flame. About 4 hours of burn time per taper candle.

The small packs of multi colors available are:
12-pack: Birthday candle size. Assorted colors. About 8 minutes burn time per candle.

6-pack: Candle + flame colors: Pink w/orange flame, Blue w/red flame, Green w/purple flame, Purple w/green flame, Orange w/blue flame, Yellow w/red flame. 2.75" high. About 20 minutes burn time per candle.

4-pack: Candle + flame colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green + Purple. About 4" high. About 30 minutes burn time per candle.