Calm Kid Mist

Calm Kid Mist

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Kids are so sensitive to their environments, what grown ups are oblivious to can seep into a child’s experience and shape it. From teas to tinctures to aromatherapy, the calming effects of lemon balm and lavender have been revered for generations. California Poppy adds an energetic vibe to this mist, dulling sharp reactions and cooling out tempers and fears.

Mist on pillows for night time peace and around an agitated kiddo. Not intended as a mace for kids- don’t directly spray in your little dude or dudettes face! (I’m saying it, cause I’ve seen it happen!)

Spray above the frustrated tike and let the plants attributes rain down.

Shelf stable

Product Ingredients:
-Fat and the Moon's lemon balm hydrosol*
- distilled water
-Fat and the Moon's California Poppy tincture* (California Poppy* and biodynamic grape spirits)
- lavender essential oil*
- organic*

1 fl oz