Bronzite Tumbled

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"Bronzite facilitates simply 'being,' entering a dynamic state of non-action and non-doing. This is the perfect stone if you have difficulty being still, since it brings serenity.

This 'stone of courtesy' strengthens non-judgmental discernment, pinpoints your most important choices and promotes decisive action. This protective, grounding crystal is helpful when you feel powerless in discordant situations or are experiencing events beyond your control. Bronzite increases self-assertion, restores composure and assists in keeping a cool head. With its assistance, you can take an objective perspective and see the bigger picture. It is helpful for overcoming stress and teaching how to go with the flow of divine will. If you have become stuck in any negative pattern, Bronzite releases it."

-Judy Hall's Crystal Bible

Price is per stone. Made by the earth, so each piece is different.

Zodiac Sign: Leo