Birth Control, Synthetic Hormones and You!

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ready to stop taking hormonal birth control?  want some support through the transition?  this zine includes info about what that transition might feel like and ways to support your whole self.  it also includes an introduction to menstrual cycle charting / fertility awareness for birth control, and a resource list for further education. 

no judgements whatsoever on those of us who really need hormonal birth control to manage our fertility, but if the time has come to make a switch this zine is a great place to start.

“i wish i had “birth control, synthetic hormones, and YOU!” when i transitioned off of hormonal birth control in 2018. this little zine is surprisingly powerful and holds so much important information and affirming perspective. as a doula and sex/cycle educator, i’m so excited to share this resource with clients and students. in it, ashley covers everything from pros and cons of hormonal birth control, making a plan to quit the pill (or whatever other hormonal contraception you’re transitioning off of), simple and powerful ways to support your body and cycle, and the ins and outs of the menstrual cycle. it also includes a comprehensive resource list, and smart footnotes about the complex nuances of reproductive health and life in general. if you’re wanting to learn more about hormonal birth control and your cycle, you need this zine in your life!”
review by beth rich

“the zine is set up so brilliantly by breaking down the process of discontinuing or considering hormonal birth control in little steps, making it seem more manageable. the information is easy to understand, but is also peppered with explanations that help to enlighten lists of side effects or things to expect by outlining the reasons why your body might be going through these things. the best part is the footnotes where the zine points you to further research to explore on your own or, more importantly, gently but thoroughly deconstructs notions of ‘normalcy’ or ‘health’ to empower the reader to find they own unique definition of those terms.”