Aries Essence

Aries Essence

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An essence that captures Aries vibes. Take this essence when you want to balance and support the qualities of Aries---independence, courageousness, adventurousness, assertiveness, spontaneity.

Aries: March 21-April 19

Contains: Essences of banana, peach, impatiens, black-eyed Susan, tiger's eye, cedar and gorse in Buhl water, slivovitz and brandy with MN honey.

Banana essence encourages humility so your judgement is not clouded by anxiety or pride. It enables Aries to step back and observe situations calmly without becoming wound up, or responding disproportionately. This essence dissolves uptight feelings in exchange for a dignified, gentle, composed manner. Banana increases your clear thinking and detachment during squabbles and promotes modesty in the Arian who always needs to be right.

Peach essence brings in compassion, sensitivity, concern and appreciation. It bestows interest and understanding of others together with generosity of spirit, support and altruistic qualities. Peach promotes nurture and concern for the welfare of others and increases sensitivity and consideration. It instills a feeling of security, which increases thoughtfulness and support for others. 

Impatiens essence is for slowing down, cultivating more independence and increasing tolerance. It also lessens the typical Arian expectation that everything in life will happen immediately. It allows more satisfaction with letting things unfold naturally. It enhances positive qualities of Aries. It helps find restraint, patience and empathy, and encourages  diplomatic natural leadership skills and managing others with understanding and tact.

Black-eyed Susan essence helps to manage impatient energy and reduce tendencies to a quick temper by introducing a more peaceful way of being. It slows things down and helps create a balanced, still inner core. Its calmness enables Aries to pace their energies consistently and to cope with busy environments and situations without becoming stressed and irritated. It calms hyperactivity, encourages relaxation and provides inner calm to focus on the best way to achieve goals.

Tiger's eye gem essence brings empowerment and helps to not be overcome by strong emotions or to react out of proportion to the emotions of others. It helps keep a balance between emotional nature and true spirit, and strengthens sense of identity.

Cedar invites courage, strengh and wisdom. It brings the ability to draw on our deepest inner resources when we need to and helps us to trust the 'wise one' within. It aids in accessing ancient memories from present and past lives.

Gorse encourages hopefulness and optimism.

Buhl water is the finest water on the Iron Range, which is in northern Minnesota, on unceded Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) land. It comes from a glacial aquifer located 700 feet deep, encased in 300 feet of solid granite. It is bacteriologically free (the water isn't treated) and contains no chlorination. It has never been contaminated by any of the 42 human-made elements, such as insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. 

1oz in a glass bottle with dropper. Take drops as needed under your tongue, or in water, or on your skin or on your pillow.