Ancestral Healing Tarot Deck

Ancestral Healing Tarot Deck

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Drawing from the traditional Tarot illustrated by artist & occultist Pamela Colman Smith, the Ancestral Healing Tarot is an 83-card tarot deck + guide that reimagines Tarot through the lens of generational healing.

The Ancestral Healing Tarot reminds you that sometimes to better go forward, you need to go back. It seeks to connect you to a future in which you already belong, a past that cherishes you and a present that holds you firm in its arms. In this deck, there are an infinite number of places, peoples, and times in which you already belong, right as you are, right now, right then.

Drawing from personal fantasy and collective memory, the Ancestral Healing Tarot Deck invites us to imagine new futures of radical softness and communal belonging, by highlighting untraveled pathways of healing within. A solid tool for soul alchemy, cathartic self-love, radical care and ancestral memory, this deck was designed for you to find comfort, healing, and guidance in times of confusion, isolation, and grief. It was created to remind you that your blood lines contain all the wisdom you need to move forward, you already have all the answers you need, and our futures need our imaginations more than ever.


About Elia diane Fushi Bekene

Elia (they/them) is a Black trans non binary ancestral wound alchemist, Care practitioner & artist who works on re-membering embodied experiences of awe, miracles & care. I work with divination forms such as somatics, Reiki, astrology, hypnosis and of course, Tarot. All of my practices draw from ancestral knowledge and seek to re-enact and/or recreate rituals. My practice is rooted in weaving ancient and modern practices into tangible healing tools that are in support of ancestral healing, radical self-love and collective liberation. This practice is grounded in an intimate relationship with the land and the more than human, Spirit, Ancestry and the Elements. Always reflecting on my longing for home and belonging, I create rituals and ceremonies as portals through which displaced people can step into a healing, imaginative space unburdened by colonialism many violences.

After years of enduring a global pandemic and generations of social unrest for marginalized communities, we are all, in different ways, dealing with grief, rage, and trauma. This deck is a tool to slowly face what's painful so that we can reconcile with our pain and begin to heal, both individually and collectively.

I truly believe that in our deepest pain lies our creative genius, and that going back is the way forward. During a particularly lonely time in my life, I realized that there are millions of Black & Indigenous ancestors I can ask for guidance. Starting with my grandparents. All of them have reminded me that: “There’s a place where you already belong: it’s right here, right now, in your body, with our guidance.” That's how the Ancestral Healing Tarot Deck was born. Drawing from the traditional Tarot illustrated by artist & occultist Pamela Colman Smith, these beautifully designed tarot cards were created like altars on which Black & Indigenous ancestry offer embodied wisdom for us to breathe easier in the present moment.