A Witch's Guide to Self-Care: Herbal Allies, Practices + Prompts for Difficult Times

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A collection of quotes from revolutionary minds like Mary Oliver, Rebecca Solnit, June Jordan and more anchor the work, which is heavily inspired by radical mental health and western herbalism practices. Both a battlecry and tender embrace, this 36 page workbook style zine urges individuals to take up an active concern for their emotional and mental needs + pay close attention to the subtleties of their body.

When we create space to care for, honor and communicate our experiences of mental + emotional health, without judgment or shame, we find great personal + collective power. This work is a jumping off point to begin to learn to tap into this power and create moments of joy + calm for ourselves. To embrace aliveness and resist hateful systems that say we are unworthy. To know healthy boundaries and contemplate our internalized expectations. Self-case is never a singular act or quick fix, but a deep well of practices and self love that are always in motion.

The zine delves into the healing potential of 11 medicinal plants for the nervous system and energetic self. These herbal allies remedy stress, depression, insomnia, they soothe tension in the body, comfort a broken heart, and more.

Included in this zine are the basics of flower essences and where to buy herbs, including a list of medicine makers and small scale farmers listed by state so that you can support those in your area. In addition, insights on gut health and the importance of nourishing whole foods is discussed.