1 Year Subscription: 3 Card Tarot + 1 Oracle Card Mystery Reading

1 Year Subscription: 3 Card Tarot + 1 Oracle Card Mystery Reading

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A one year subscription! Your envelope with 3 tarot cards from different decks, and one oracle card, plus a lil guide to what the tarot cards mean will be mailed out on the first Monday of the month! 

A mystery envelope that contains 3 tarot + 1 oracle cards intuitively chosen from a variety of artist-designed decks! Plus a lil guide to the cards so you can do your own reading! Shuffle them and lay them out into a 3-card spread like: Past, Present, Future OR What I'm letting go of, What I'm moving through now, What's ahead. OR whatever you wish! The oracle card is there for more clarity and depth.

Includes postage within the US. Will be sent via USPS. Your subscription will start at the beginning of the next month. So if you purchase this offering on May 15, your first mystery reading envelope will go out on the first Monday in June.  Please make a note if you'd like the envelopes to be mailed to a different address than the one that populates when you enter your mailing information.

Please let us know if you move and will need to change your address!

A great gift to yourself or a friend! And a great way to refresh your altar for the month.