Cancer Essence

Cancer Essence

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An essence that captures and supports Cancer vibes. Take this essence when you want to balance and support the qualities of Cancer--humor, success in business, entrepreneurship, creativity, protectiveness, emotional.

Cancer: June 21-July 22

Contains: Essences of clematis, grape, pink yarrow, raspberry, honeysuckle, moonstone and aspen in Buhl water, slivovitz and brandy with MN honey.

Clematis essence addresses inattention, indifference and confused states, helping to bring the unrealistic or idealistic Cancer back into reality. It helps utilize imagination realistically and enables  you to ground your vision and make it workable. It enables you to live more in the present and easily handle any unpleasant situations that may arise without escaping into a fantasy world.

Grape essence focuses on love, healing any neediness or feeilngs of abandonment in relationships. It helps you to feel nurtured and free to love and experience relationships without clinginess, expectations or demands. 

Pink Yarrow essence helps create healthy boundaries. This helps Cancerians who are aware of and vulnerable to other people. It provides objectivity and detachment for those who easily fuse with others and take on their feelings and moods. It helps to become more balanced and self-contained and helps create limits.

Raspberry essence is known as the Healer's Healer. It is suitable for the Cancerian who is so often the healer and nurturer of others. It increases wisdom and understanding, and enhances the ability to let things go and release past hurts. It helps transform harmful or negative emotions by instilling wisdom and developing understanding. It helps to reduce overreaction so that you no longer blame others but take responsibility for your feelings and responses.

Honeysuckle essence is for people that hold on to the past, regret missed opportunities, or believe that life was better in the past. It shifts the past into place and encourages embracing the present. It heals homesickness by dealing with the melancholy and longing for something that isn't available by regenerating interest in what is available now. 

Moonstone gem essence works with anxious emotions. It lessens identification with the emotional state and brings some control over emotions. Its balancing and soothing properties help to bring suppressed emotions safely to the surface to be resolved rather than unconsciously expressed.

Aspen essence invites in courage and supports a strong heart. it helps one be fearless in the face of the unknown.

Buhl water is the finest water on the Iron Range, which is in northern Minnesota, on unceded Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) land. It comes from a glacial aquifer located 700 feet deep, encased in 300 feet of solid granite. It is bacteriologically free (the water isn't treated) and contains no chlorination. It has never been contaminated by any of the 42 human-made elements, such as insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. 

1oz in a glass bottle with dropper. Take drops as needed under your tongue, or in water, or on your skin or on your pillow.