Na Nin Incense Cones

Na Nin Incense Cones

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This pairings collection consists of two notes blended together to bring out the best in each. The incense are hand dipped in premium fragrances and exotic essential oils in Richmond, VA.

Scents available:

Black Pepper & Cedarwood - a relaxed, warm scent of earthy cedarwood with notes of aromatic black pepper bergamot. 

Palo Santo & Desert Rose - a pleasantly grounding scent of pure Palo Santo wood balanced with floral sweetness.

Sea Salt/Sand Dunes - a light, ocean inspired scent of salty air and sea grasses.

Smokey Oud & Tobacco Rose - a rich evocative scent of moroccan rose, toasted pipe tobacco and rare oud wood. 

Each box includes approximately 24 1" incense cones. 

Handmade in Richmond, VA. 

Ingredients: charcoal cones, premium fragrance & essential oils, incense solvent base