Future Riso resident--Vanessa Adams

Vanessa Adams is an artist from New Orleans, LA based in Pittsburgh, PA. Vanessa creates prints, zines, and installations exploring the life-cycles of plants, the phases of the moon and "the future." Vanessa's work investigates how to see in places of darkness, and how to harness intuition in the face of the unknown. Vanessa is a founding member of the New Orleans Community Printshop and worked for 7 years creating innovative community arts programming with a tight-knit collective of printmakers and photographers. Vanessa was a curator and contributing artist to the Slow Holler Tarot Deck, a collection of tarot cards by southern/queer artists.


October 25-29: Root Spells

Root Spells is a Future Residency art show featuring Plants from Home and the Queer Ecology Hanky Project at White Page Gallery on Friday October 25 from 7 to 10pm.

Plants from Home is a graphic exploration of the plant allies that keep us connected amidst distance and longing. Andrea Narno (Mexico City) and Vanessa Adams (New Orleans) portray the plants that have helped them cultivate a sense of belonging and grounding across borders and along vast and complex loving territories.

The Queer Ecology Hanky Project is 80 artist bandanas from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico exploring interconnectivity and desire. These hankies investigate homosexual and homosocial behavior in the natural world. They explore the interdependence of mushrooms, mycelium, and other living beings and the possibility of building sustainability and resilience. This project is curated by Mary Tremonte and Vanessa Adams.

At The White Page, 3400 Cedar Ave. 7-10pm.  

Open gallery hours: Sunday, October 27-Wednesday, October 30, 12-4pm