Future Resident--Sydney Maday

Syd is a rather mystical queer, roaming the streets of the Twin Cities, MN. An autodidact in nearly every avenue of her life since she was young, she has recognized that the only way she truly learns in a productive manner is through being her own educator, with the help of a few mentors.

Her passions range from the science and psychology behind astrology to the helping attributes of therapy and life coaching. She finds great joy in helping people find love within themselves and their surroundings with her knowledge in astrology. She hopes to strengthen her healing powers every day in as many forms as possible. 

 Currently, Syd practices her healing through personal astrological readings, classes, workshops, and collaborations. Syd works hard to empower and create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, POC, trans and cis womxn, femme-identifying, and non binary folk.