Future resident--Stephanie Aguayo

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Stephanie Aguayo lives and works in her native city. She studied illustration and design at Art Center College of Design and is presently finishing a Costume Design program at Los Angeles City College. 

A self taught textile and fiber artist, Stephanie fell in love with textiles and the rich history of the craft and it’s cultural context while living in Oaxaca and traveling throughout Mexico and Guatemala. 

Her practice revolves around various forms of storytelling that include oral traditions, myths, legends and text. Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on illustration, costume design, embroidery & tambour embroidery, ageing & distressing of garments and dyeing fabric and thread with natural materials and plant matter. 

Her current curiosity has her exploring natural materials around Los Angeles to produce natural dyes and colorants. Through the exploration of this practice she seeks to create a compendium of color that’s naturally sourced, and draws from a tradition that has been used throughout much of human history.