Future resident--Sharai Sims

Sharai Sims is a Sexual Health educator and communication specialists for the Annex Teen Clinic. She is North Minneapolis Native using her art as activism to highlight the unspoken stories of people and how they relate to their environment. She is gorilla poet and videographer who draws on real life experiences as she critically analyzes culture around her. She uses her existence as a Black female to navigate the relationship with the self and other. Her art uses multi- media platforms to illuminate the experiences of marginalized people and their unique intersections.


Magic in the western world is known to have a connotation of negativity, calling practitioners “Witches” with the same energy and damnation as a racial slur. Most Black Americans today have come to their racial identity because of colonization and slavery. These Displaced people were pushed from their homes and forced to claim a religion that did not honor the elements, herbal healing, medicine, and connection to spirit.This film examines African diasporic folk magic and how black millennials are reclaiming their spiritual ancestry. 

For a social hour and viewing of the short film “Neo-Soul Healers” by Future Resident Sharai Sims.