Future Resident--Sarah Lillegard

Sarah Lillegard is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Reno, Nevada.

Using local fibers and textiles to create soft sculptures, forms, and installations, I make work about the locational identity of the Great Basin region of the American West while documenting the process through photography and writing.  Working with the culture of a place and the language of materials, I make the subtleties of a location evident by using my labor as a lens.


May 19: Soft Forms Photobooth

Join us for a pop-up photobooth featuring soft sculptures and wearable forms by resident artist Sarah Lillegard. You're invited to play, perform, and dress-up with the fiber sculptures. There will be digital photographs as well as instant photographs to take home with you.
Sarah Lillegard is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in the Great Basin. She makes work about locational identity using fibers, textiles, photography, and writing.
7-9pm, $10