Future resident--Minna Jain

Minna Jain (They/Them) is an artist, activist and healer interested in collective sense making, performativity, systems of power and liberation. They work with alternative photographic process printmaking and wearable sculpture. Through autoethnographic and participatory offerings, they engage story and the decolonization of story in conversation with erasure, embodied experience and the liminal spaces of the other. Raised in Minneapolis, MN, they were accepted into the Perpich Arts High School with a focus on Visual Arts before attending Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where they studied Community Based Organizing and Youth Leadership Through the Arts.  Minna is the child of Sámi and Indian immigrants and they hold the burning lands, the frozen stars and the swollen Mississippi in their blood and belly.  They are an underworlds worker, a lineage healer, non-binary, queer and incorrigibly plural. 

Their work has been presented at such sites as the Open Shutter Gallery - Durango, Colorado, The American Swedish Institute - Minneapolis, MN, The Umbrella Gallery - Dallas, Texas, Käsityö Museo of Finland - Jyväskylä, Finland, The Oriental Theater –Denver, Colorado, Studio & Gallery -Durango, Colorado, Eggman & Walrus Gallery –Santa Fe, New Mexico and The Minneapolis College of Art and Design –Minneapolis, Minnesota.  


IG: @minna_jain