Future resident--Maria Vashakidze

Maria Vashakidze is the owner and formulator of Seagrape bath + body, a company started in 2009 out of love for scent. She runs a community oriented brick and mortar shop in Portland, OR with a full line of in-house made bath products and well as hand crafted ritual and home adornment goods. With a weakness for baths, tea, and dismantling the patriarchy, there is nothing she'd rather do then run a shop that supports these habits. 

With a BFA in painting and minor in book arts, Maria has a mind that seems to always want to start a new small business. You can find her working across many mediums to scratch her creative itch, all seeming to revolve around pleasure and embodiment. 

Maria is a white, Jewish Russian/ Georgian immigrant working on connecting to her ancestry while tending the unceded territory of the Chinook, and Multnomah peoples temporarily.