Future Resident--Lisa Marie Brimmer

Lisa Marie Brimmer is a queer, black, transracial adoptee artist working and living in Minneapolis. She is a two time Givens Foundation for African American Literature fellow, a Many Voices Fellow from the playwrights' Center and her work has been performed on various stages throughout the twin cities. She hopes to honor and expand her intuitive practice at The Future Residency this March where she'll contribute to works in progress; a manuscript of speculative fiction What rises and manuscript of poetry Don't Go.    
Website: LisaMarieBrimmer.com; Insta + Twitter: @2speakease
March 22: Retro/grade<me>

We convene for a performance/ritual/communion honoring Mercury’s retrograde in Aries. This cycle begins just after the Spring Equinox. We are reminded of our powers to reflect positivity. We are reminded of our powers of sight, vision, scry. We are in a mirage place; the beginning of the Zodiac, a fresh new season of renewal, and yet another revolution on Turtle Island in which we remember our faculties of refraction and our abilities to make space for departure. Retro/grade<Me> invites futurism and reflection, it invites introspection and refreshment.

Future resident Lisa Marie Brimmer is organizing this event as part of her residency at The Future. Performers to be announced. 7:30pm.