Future Resident--Jessica Caponigro

Jessica Caponigro is a writer, artist, and educator, raised in Eastern Pennsylvania by fiercely independent Sicilian women who strongly believe in holistic medicine, the powers of the earth, and intuition. Her practice is interdisciplinary, blending accessible and egalitarian concepts with ritual and performance. In her individual artistic practice, she creates environments of manipulated objects and patterns, using line, geometry, and accessible materials to address issues surrounding restriction, both physical and psychological. Prior to the mass formation of anonymous W.I.T.C.H. covens in 2017, she helped establish a non-anonymous Chicago based coven, where they facilitated multiple public rituals. Along with her studio practice, she worked for seven years as an instructor at the City Colleges of Chicago, teaching printmaking and art history. She was also a part of the the feminist art collective Tracers, and frequently participates in workshops, most recently at the MCA Chicago and NYU Florence. She currently lives and works in Boston, where she operates Snake Hair Press, an independent publisher of multiples, zines, and artist books.

May 29: Full Moon Flower Procession

The Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius marks a time of increasing fertility, bringing stability, calmness, and the desire to open oneself up to give and receive vital knowledge.
Join Future resident Jessica Caponigro on this procession. We'll start by drawing down the moon and focusing our energy, then transition into self-directed, communal writing and paper flower making out of our written intentions. The flowers will be attached to a larger structure and, following a short procession of the structure through the neighborhood, it will be ritually burned and our collective intentions released to the universe.
All materials will be provided. For those unable to attend but who still want to participate, printed flower instructions will be available in the shop beginning May 25th. 
7pm. Free!