Future Resident--Jess Kiel-Wornson

Jess Kiel-Wornson is thrilled to be in residence at The Future while she builds The Beauty Shop (The Witch) as part of an ongoing body, The Archive of Disagreeable WomenThe Beauty Shop (The Witch) deals with embodied knowledge, the influence of our constructed space, and the great power of beauty shop gossip. Jess is a Minneapolis-based multimedia artist. She received her MFA from University of Illinois Champaign Urbana in 2016. She is an activist and shop tech and sometimes wonders how her life would be different if she had found feminist theory before anti-depressants. She is tired of being told by the dominant paradigm that her heartbreak will make her stronger. 
instagram @jkwornson

December 7: The Beauty Shop: The Witch

An interactive installation exploring the archetype of the witch and of the beauty shop as her uniquely powerful, localized and feminized domain. This exhibition is the culmination of Jess Kiel-Wornson's residency at The Future, where she will be researching beauty shop gossip as undervalued community work, collective feminized care as a radical act of resistance, and how the witch empowers marked bodies through physical ritual. The work is particularly concerned with the ways that the witch (and her beauty shop) is both born of, and answer to, oppressive white-supremacist, hyper-capitalist, patriarchal systems.  

7-9pm. Free!