Future Resident--Jeanine Malec

Jeanine Malec is a local Minneapolis artist, creating under the moniker Nest and Tessellate. Her work explores visual languages derived from forgotten folk art patterns and symbolism. Her practice seeks to revive the use of these ideograms as a way to connect with ancestral traditions, anchor our energies in the present, and craft symbolic stories about who we want to be as a community going forward. Sigils, or symbols charged with intention, have a long history of use as agents of healing and protection. Collecting folk imagery from around South Minneapolis, she hopes to draw parallels between divergent traditions, uncover shared meanings and with the help of participants at The Future, construct a contemporary folk art language, rooted in the magic of this place and its people. The results of this inquiry will be printed in a zine, to act as a reference point, inspiring positive change through the intentional use of symbols or sigils. The goal, in short, is to create a magical folk art for our times.


Join Future resident and try your hand at creating a folk art pattern derived from nature, to be included in a zine on this subject for distribution around South Minneapolis. We will also build an altar to honor those who practiced folk art forms before us, using the designs we create. If you don't feel you have a connection to folk art, we will also talk about how to do a self-study to find a connection to the practice. 

8-10pm. Sliding scale $20 (suggested)-$5.