Future resident--Jayna Anderson

Jayna is a multi-media artist. She dreams up otherworldly alternative realities as a way to release herself from past narratives, heal, and instigate growth. She utilizes sci-fi to explore the what-ifs of life, while remaining playful in her attempt to gain new perspective. Her artist practice is intrinsically linked to her self care practice, and she views her day to day rituals as artistic healing endeavors. 

Shop 5th Dimension self careofferings! Jayna is a resident at The Future and will be bringing her delicious skin care products. 

5th Dimension uses all natural ingredients, void of any chemicals, synthetic fragrance, or additives. Each product has been tried, tested, and thoughtfully composed. Using a blend of natural butters and oils, herbal infusions and essential oils, 5th Dimension's skin care products focus on enriching your body's largest organ, the skin! These products encourage staying present with one's body. 

12-4pm. Free.

Jayna Anderson, Future resident and owner of 5th Dimension Skincare will guide participants in the creation of a customizable facial mask that can be used to unwind and detox- emotionally and physically. Guests will learn the qualities and benefits of clays, herbal powders and oils, so that they can create a mask that will serve their skin type and allow for an ideal glow. *Participants take home a jar of face mask for multiple uses. We will not be applying masks during the event*
4-6pm. Sliding scale $30 (suggested) to $20.