Future Resident--James DeWitt

James DeWitt lives in Minneapolis MN where they work in sexual health research at the University of MN and also as an educator around sexual health issues, transgender advocacy, and other social justice issues. James identifies as a white, trans, agender, queer, class-privileged, non-neurotypical parent, raised Catholic in the Midwest. These intersecting identities influence their experience and narrative voice. James is co-author and editor of "Trans Sex Zine Vol. 1" and the author of the zine series "Sex Ed: A Love Story" which create sex ed content by and for queer and trans/gender non-conforming people. James will be using their time at The Future to focus on a zine about sexual abuse, assault, and accountability processes within queer and trans communities, as it relates to historical trauma, state repression, Christian hegemony, and the gender transgression in early forms of paganism and witchcraft.

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Pronouns: they/them