Future resident-Courtney Kalinowski

Patterns and layers are both integral parts of my work. I often experience a series of geometric fractal patterns most commonly characterized as phosphenes, visuals that occur when one’s eyes are closed. I experience waking reality, nature and the dream time as an infinite number of layered patterns, all interacting with each other, creating an environment.I create in layers to represent the multi-faceted/multi-dimensional quality that pervades reality and consciousness.  Much of my work is influenced from various lucid dreaming experiences, spaces, and beings that I continue to explore. I am interested in what catalyzes this sensory phenomena and how these subconscious visual imprints can be embodied as objects and visual patterns.

After graduating from Tyler School of Art in 2015, I completed a 200 yoga teacher training at Maha Yoga in Philadelphia PA. I then worked at the Omega Institute for Integrative Health and Wellness for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. After my time at Omega, I picked up and moved with four very dear friends to Santa Cruz, California. In 2018, I started studying dreamwork with Animas Valley Institute. In the fall of 2018, I participated in my first vision fast in southern Utah. After the quest, I explored more of Utah and Colorado and fell deeply in love with the land. In 2019, I will travel to three different art residencies for the first time. I am very excited to continue to explore different art communities and different natural landscapes. I am fiercely curious and aim to express my heart in everything I do along the way.